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Return to Hiroshima

Bob Van Laerhoven


Page /  Word Count: 351 pages
Formats Available: epub, mobi, PDF

Categories / Keywords

  • 1995
  • Japan
  • Hiroshima
  • bushido
  • Yakuza gangs
  • insanity
  • nuclear bomb
  • secret service
  • Unit 731
  • experiments on humans

Book Description

1995, Japan struggles with a severe economic crisis. Fate brings a number of people together in Hiroshima in a confrontation with dramatic consequences.

Xavier Douterloigne, the son of a Belgian diplomat, returns to the city, where he spent his youth, to come to terms with the death of his sister. Inspector Takeda finds a deformed baby lying dead at the foot of the Peace Monument, a reminder of Hiroshima’s war history.

A Yakuza-lord, rumored to be the incarnation of the Japanese demon Rokurobei, mercilessly defends his criminal empire against his daughter Mitsuko, whom he considers insane.

And the punk author Reizo, obsessed by the ultra-nationalistic ideals of his literary idol Mishima, recoils at nothing to write the novel that will “overturn Japan’s foundations”…

Hiroshima’s indelible war-past simmers in the background of this ultra-noir novel. Clandestine experiments conducted by Japanese Secret Service Unit 731 during WWII become unveiled and leave a sinister stain on the reputation of the imperial family and the Japanese society as a whole.

Book available May 28, 2018
Publication Date March 31, 2018
Review deadline June 25, 2018

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