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Are these pirated books?


This is an ARC distribution service, not a store, not a pirating site. We want to help authors by taking the organization responsibilities of tracking down reviews, finding reviewers and be the one place that they go to handle these tasks. We also want to help book bloggers by having a central location for them to get books to review instead of being inundated with multiple review requests.



What is Book Reviews 4 You?

Book Reviews 4 You (BR4U) is an ARC distribution platform. Authors contact BR4U with their manuscript details and ask us to make the book available to ARC reviewers.

I am unable to fill in the registration form, what should I do.

Use the online contact at the bottom of this page to send an email. Copy & paste the following information into the message box, and add your information in the spaces provided. We will then be able to manually add you to the site.

User Name:

First name:

Last name:

Email address:

Where do you post reviews: (delete any that do not apply): Blog or Website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, LibraryThing, iTunes, Goodreads, Facebook (Page), Facebook (Personal Timeline), Kobo, Edelweiss, Instagram, Podcast, YouTube, NetGalley, Smashwords, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Play Books, Bookbub

Which site do you use most for posting your reviews?

Goodreads Profile Link:

Amazon Profile Link:

What formats do you prefer (delete any that do not apply): eBook – Kindle, eBook – ePub, Audiobook

How do you prefer to be contacted regarding books available for review? (delete any that do not apply) Website with books to choose from, Email with books to choose from, Email each time a new book is available for review

What types of fiction books would you consider for review? (delete any that do not apply) None — Check if you do not review fiction, Action/Adventure, Children/Middle Grade, , Dark / Taboo ‘Romance’ Erotica, Graphic Novels, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary Fiction, Poetry, Mystery/Thriller/Crime, New Adult, Paranormal, Religious — Christian, Religious — other, Romance, Science Fiction, Women’s Fiction, YA

What types of non-fiction books would you consider for review? (delete any that do not apply) NONE – Check if you do not review non-fiction, Biography/Memoir, Business, Cooking/Food, Crafts/Hobbies, Educational — Adult, Educational — Children/Middle Grade, Health/Fitness/Sports, History, How-To, New Age, Religion/Spirituality, Self-Help, Technology, Travel, True Crime

Approximate turnaround time for book reviews? (choose 1) Less than 2 weeks, Less than a month, 1 to 2 months, 3 to 6 months

Your agreement with this statement: I agree that if I am chosen to review a manuscript, I will not share the file with anyone, including downloading/uploading to another individual’s device or p2p sharing site. (Choose 1) I agree, I disagree.

You will then receive an email to confirm your registration and be a member.

What is an ARC?

An ARC stands for Advance Review Copy. These are usually print/press-ready manuscripts (fully edited, covered, formatted) that are made available to readers before the publication date for early reviews.

How does the BR4U process work?

Authors and publishers contact BR4U to arrange for the book details to be sent out to our reviewers.

Book information is then displayed on the “AVAILABLE” page of the website for reviewers to see. Reviewers can then request to be given access to the manuscript via Bookfunnel.

The reviewers are then sent an email with instructions on downloading the book as well as the link to the Reader Log Form for that book.

What if I can't review a book?

We understand there are reasons someone can’t review a book. When that happens, for whatever reason, just let us know in the BR4U Reader Log form for the book in question.

Is my membership exclusive?

We do not expect exclusivity with our reviewers or authors. If you are already an ARC reviewer for individual authors or other ARC services, we are fine with that.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of books I must read?

Read and review as little or as much as your time and tastes allow. We do not require a minimum or maximum number of books to read and review each month to sustain membership. Just review each book you sign up for or let us know why a review wasn’t possible. You will not be contacted by multiple authors asking for reviews.

Amazon wiped all my reviews, can I still be a BR4U Reviewer?

We understand Amazon has been wiping reviews of honest readers for unexplained reasons, even reviews from reviewers who have done nothing wrong. We want to make sure those reviewers do not lose their chance to review, so we also accept reviewers who post to Goodreads, Kobo, iBooks, and their own blogs/websites.

Is there a limit?

There is no set number of books you have to read to keep your membership. We understand there might be a lull in your reading time or we might not have books to pique your interest. However, if you request a book and receive it, you are required to review it or let us know why that was not possible.

You are allowed 3 books at a time from us.


What is Book Reviews 4 You?

Book Reviews 4 You (BR4U) is an ARC distribution platform. Authors contact BR4U with their manuscript details and ask us to make the book available to ARC reviewers.

Is this buying reviews?


There is a small scheduling fee that covers making the book’s page on the website as well as the necessary forms associated with the book. Also, this fee will cover up to 3 emails to all the reviewers as well as genre-specific reviewers about the book.

What is the cost for this service?


This fee covers the administrative time it takes to make the book’s website page, the sign-up and review forms, as well as the emails—both targeted and general to the registered reviewers. If none of the reviewers are interested in reading the scheduled book during the time frame, that is all the author/publisher will be charged.


This fee is only billed IF reviewers sign up to receive and review the book. This covers the expense of uploading the necessary files to our ARC distribution platform and sending the files to the reviewers as well as then tracking the responses. The author will then be made aware of the number of requested copies as well as the links to the reviews. This fee is static—it will not matter if you have 5 reviewers sign up or 500.

What is the time frame for reviews?

Ideally, we like to have 7 weeks from listing the book to completing the final report to the authors. The breakdown is as follows:

Week 1: Book listed on site & general email.

Week 2: Genre-specific email.

Week 3: Last chance email.

Week 4: Book sent to requested registered members.

Week 5:  Reviews start trickling in, review reminder email.

Week 6: Status to author.

Week 7: Overall results to author.

A schedule based on the author’s need will be adjusted accordingly.

How are the ARCs distributed?

After a set amount of time the book’s sign up is available, the requesting reviewers are sent an email with the download link. The ARC is distributed through our BookFunnel publisher account and will only be available for redemption for about 7 days. The book is then removed from the account so no more downloads can be claimed. Everyone that downloads the ARC MUST submit their name and email address (for tracking and follow-up purposes by BR4U only).

What is the best way to submit a book to BR4U?

The best way to submit a book to us is on the form located on the Authors & Publishers page. You can also download this document and send it as well as the requested file to our email address. You will then be billed for the scheduling and your book will be made available to our reviewers.

What is your reviewer breakdown?

As of 4-1-2018:

Reviewers Post Reviews to:

Amazon: 26%
B&N: 5%
Blog or Website: 5%
BookBub: 4%
Library Thing: 1%
iTunes: 2%
Goodreads: 24%
Google Play Books: 1%
Facebook (Page): 6%
Facebook (Personal): 4%
Instagram: 2%
Kobo: 3%
NetGalley: 5%
Pintrest: 1%
Smashwords: 1%
Twitter: 5%

Favorite Fiction Reads:

Action/Adventure: 5%
Children/Middle: 2%
Dark / Taboo: 4%
Erotica: 10%
Graphic Novels: 2%
Historical Fiction: 4%
Horror: 4%
Humor: 5%
Literary Fiction: 2%
Poetry: 1%
Mystery/Thriller: 8%
New Adult: 9%
Paranormal: 10%
Religious – Christian: 1%
Romance: 14%
Sci-Fi: 5%
Women’s Fiction: 2%
Young Adult: 8%

Favorite Non-Fiction Reads:

Bio/Memoir: 11%
Business: 2%
Cooking/Food: 8%
Crafts/Hobbies: 8%
Educational-Adult: 5%
Educational-Child: 3%
History: 4%
Health/Fitness: 3%
How-To: 3%
New Age: 4%
Religion/Spirituality: 4%
Self-Help: 5%
Technology: 2%
Travel: 5%
True Crime: 9%

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