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The Wall – Volume One
Guardians Redemption

Some Guy


Graphic Novel / YA / Paranormal
Page /  Word Count: 89 pages / 27,751 words
Formats Available: epub, mobi, PDF

Categories / Keywords

  • Paranormal
  • Thriller
  • Short Read
  • Suspense
  • Torture
  • Political
  • Current Events
  • Soldiers
  • Band of Brothers
  • Demons
  • Angels

Book Description

Volume One – Guardian’s Redemption

THE WALL series is a fast-paced paranormal fantasy thrill ride that is meant to challenge the readers social, political, and spiritual beliefs. The tale explores love, hate, prejudice, suffering, elitism, sacrifice and redemption in a refreshing and entertaining way. The story’s main plot revolves around the newly elected POTUS announcement to construct the largest border wall ever built. Chaos ensues as social, racial, political, and religious groups take opposing sides and man’s true conflicting nature is exposed. The reader will be able to experience the conflict from different sides as the story will be told from four (4) different perspectives.

Volume One focuses on Joey Gunns and his elite group of mercenaries (loving named the Wrecking Crew) sworn to protect the President at the wall’s unveiling ceremony. The decision to “serve and protect” will test their barriers of their moral conscience and ultimately their loyalties to the brotherhood they had fought so hard to forge over the last 15 years.

Which one will he choose?….  Read volume one to find out

Book available June 2, 2018
Publication Date Feb 10, 2018
Review deadline June 23, 2018

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