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Eternity’s Account: Rulers

Julie Bryson and Catherine Sharpe


Religious — Christian
Science Fiction
Page /  Word Count: 384 pages
Formats Available: epub, mobi, PDF

Categories / Keywords

  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller
  • YA

Book Description

Patterns. They are the material weaved to make the intricate fabric of the universe. The one guiding the threads is the one teaching the 12 chosen children to recognize the complex design within the fabric of time. Each stitch aliens the essential elements of the story, revealing the intended pattern to be followed. Owr, the master creator, has tucked the invisible into the hem of the visible, allowing the children to peek between the tightly drawn threads to study how the spiritual affects the physical.

The Eternity’s Account series continues – beyond the creation, the inception of evil, the fall of man, the division of kingdoms, and the fusion of dimensions. As the children tug on the seam of the cosmos, a new set of patterns is exposed. They prepare to witness the next stage in the saga; the rise of the rulers and the effects they will have upon the fate of the universe.

Book available June 8, 2018
Publication Date April 1, 2018
Review deadline July 6, 2018

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